This is my personal site. I used to use paid hosting with all the bells and whistles but I've found a free host that will allow me to host my data at no charge (see side note about the Ads).

I did a rebuild of the site and gave it a complete makeover. The new style has a simpler look and made it more compatible with mobile devices, since that's the "in thing" at the moment.

My main hobbies are writing and photography. Note that at the moment I haven't started uploading much on the "Photos" page, but I do have some of my old articles and essays up on the Articles page.


Change log:

10 Sep 2015 - New photos, album "Fire".

06 Sep 2015 - Added article about plastic bags.

22 Aug 2015 - Added Webcomics article.

26 Jul 2015 - Uploaded new photograph albums.

18 Jul 2015 - Re-uploaded my article about Atlantis.

12 Jul 2015 - Added another article.

04 Jul 2015 - Minor tweaks.

02 May 2015 - Uploaded first photo album, of sorts.

02 May 2015 - Uploaded some more articles.

01 May 2015 - Created the "Projects" page.

20 Apr 2015 - Added two of my old essays to the Articles section

17 Apr 2015 - Added "Photos" page. Still to do - add photos...

17 Apr 2015 - Yay, found my old Favicon - added it.

15 Apr 2015 - Rejigged menu layout.

12 Apr 2015 - Currently rebuilding the site. From scratch. Again. :|

I still have all my data, I'm just redoing the code to make it more flexible and easier to use across multiple devices. I also want to have a rethink about what I'll be using the site for.