I have here a list of the various articles and essays I've done for my site over the years in no particular order.

The Plastic Bag Fallacy

A diatribe on the misguided efforts of environmentalists to "save" the environment by banning plastic shopping bags, and the acctual results of that movement.

Webcomics 101

A short article on what I consider one of the fundamentals of creating webcomics - even more fundamental than "find a host" or even "draw stuff".

Brickfilms Chronicle

I was an active member of the community when there was a big controversy in 2007 / 2008 when the ownership changed un-smoothly. I wrote a fairly lengthy article about it on one of my sites at the time. If you are interested in Brickfilms, I recommend BricksInMotion as a good starting place (the original is pretty much a ghost town these days).

Atlantis Marine Park

An article I wrote some time ago when I went looking for the remains of the old Atlantis Marine Park which was running in Perth, Western Australia in the 80's.

Collapse of Society

A satirical article I wrote about the collapse of society, a bit tongue in cheek.

Body armour in SciFi

An essay I wrote about some of the types of body armour seen in various media in scifi, covering movies, games and comics.

A look at my cars

A look at the various cars that I've had over the years (I've had a lot). Note to self - update with the later cars.

Building a power distributor

This is an old How-To I wrote out on how to build a power distribution box. Admittedly the article was written because I built the box. If I'd planned ahead I would have taken better photos and moved clitter out of the way to make it clearer what I was talking about. Chalk that one up to inexperience.

An essay on Religion

An essay I wrote a few years ago about religion and what I think someone looking for a religion ought to look for.

Logo Design

The progression of the design of my logo.

Bluesky (Software)

A look at a program called "Bluesky" for zooming on detail from an image.

Cowboy Space Pilots

Pilots. In space.

Teleporters: Pros and Cons

A short essay musing on the relative advantages and disadvantages of teleportations (and a few nefarious uses of such).