Local burn offs

Late August and early September they have been doing a lot of burn offs in the local area to get rid of all the dry vegitation that builds up over winter. It is necessary in order to remove the fuel load, otherwise the fires get to be raging uncontrollable infernos during summer. Worse if they are unchecked for a few years in a row.

SmokeSide of the roadBuildings

So in the meantime we put up with a bit of smoke and the occasional flames that get a little too close to the fences.


These last three are my favourites. Got nice and close and managed to get some nice clear steady shots. Not too bad considering they were shot on the fly, hand held in dim light.


I could have gotten better photos (maybe good enough to print at a decent size) if I'd had a tripod. The minor detail being that I didn't have my tripod handy and I don't actually have a tripod at all.

Some of these were shot with my mobile, some with my dSLR. I like how the quality of phone cameras is good enough now that it's hard to tell the difference. "The best camera for the job is the one you have with you," as the saying goes.

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