Logo design

It took a bit of effort to come up with the logo that I wanted to use for this site. Creating a little image to use on a webpage isn't the most complex thing in the world, but you do need to put a bit of thought into it. Especially if you are going to use it in non-web applications (such as stationary or business cards) as well.

When I was making the logo, I had a lot of invaluable help from Joel Fagin, who has written some most excellent tutorials, found here (dead link). I am grateful to all the advice he has given.

Here I present the various ideas that I came up with along the way, along with some brief notes on what I was thinking at the time. As Joel says, designing a logo is pretty much an exercise in 'see what fits'. Just keep trying until there is something that you are happy with.

First one is just a basic 'e' in a funky font. The idea was that since I was going to be using the domian 'escobar' (my name) that I should start with a letter E.

Seems like as good a place as any to start.
This one is a bit more stylized, but doesn't seem to be anything special. It's a somewhat gothic looking font and seems to convey the general idea that I was after. But a little ... bland.
With the addition of some little cutouts it now seems a bit more unique-ish, but doesn't really irk me as being good. I still kinda like it though, even if it is still very generic. The interesting thing is that I later realized that this was the exact logo I had envisioned much earlier. However, it turns out that the execution was not what I thought it would look like. So, moving on...
Too generic. Can you tilt your head and say 'X-Men'?
This one is kinda nice looking, but is basically the same as the earlier ones... but with a circle!
With the addition of the some bumps on the end, it stands out a bit more. But it's... limp. Or something. When you are in the middle of designing something, you can look at what you have and you will know straight away wether you like it or not. Even if you can't say why. It looks good. I don't like it.
Ooh, that's nice. The little arrowheads give it a slightly more 'agressive' look, and with the way of the 'e' it seems to be moving forward.

However, Joel pointed out that it just screams 'Posiedon'. And my site was not going to have any nautical themes in it...
Not sure what I was thinking of here.
Still with the circles, this time it seems to resemble the bio-hazard symbol. After departing from the 'E' idea, I was experimenting with different shapes in Photoshop. Pretty much just moving them around the screen and seeing what looked interesting.
Nice, but too generic.
Better. A bit more distinctive, but still too ... general. It's going the right way though.
A few modifications, some little touches and hey presto! A design I'm happy with.

As you can see, it took a bit of poking around and basically playing with the different parts until something seemed to 'click'.

I'll probably end up changing this logo at some stage anyway, but I'm happy with the result.

Still, I'm the last person to be lecturing on about poor work habits.

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