Here is a random mix of some of the better photos from the old version of this site. I was debating whether to just present the photos themselves without comment or keeping the old notes from the php gallery I used to have. I imported the notes for most of them, seeing as some wouldn't make sense without context.

Crow flyingI'd often go out to random places to see what I could find to take photos of. On one day, I was down at the beach with a strong breeze and saw a crow. I was able to get a shot of it mid-flight.

Sand ripplesI like this shot. Nice sky, interesting foreground and a strong horizon line.

Tawny FrogmouthI'm fairly certain that this bird is a Tawny Frogmouth. I really like how this photo came out, very glad I had the long lens with me. I'm quite impressed that I even spotted this guy, let alone managed to get a good shot of him (or her).

Jarrom's carThis is Jarrom's car. Not pictured: bruised kidneys. It has a stonkin' loud stereo in it. Very awesome!

Beach familyI like this photo as it captures the little girl happily playing with a ball. Also, in the larger version you can see a sailboat I wanted to catch with the setting sun behind it, but didn't have a long enough lens.

The old back roomThis is what our back area used to look like. Yes, we cleaned it up, it was just too messy in this state.

The Indian Pacific EagleThis is a bronze statue of a wedge tail eagle in the lobby of the Adelaide train station where the Indian Pacific stops. In case you can't read the placard, it says: Indian Pacific - A journey that spans a continent. The largest eagle on Earth, the Australian Wedge Tail Eagle conveys a sense of power, momentum and purpose. It is used as a symbol of the freedom and adventure experienced by one of the worlds great rail journey's on the Indian Pacific.

Blue FountainI really like this photo. It is a water feature slash fountain at the front of one of the hotels in Sydney. I happened to be walking past one night and took a photo of it. Considering that I was using a simple point and shoot camera with no tripod at night, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Stolen carThis car was (probably) stolen and dumped here. Interestingly, this section of sand now has a road on it. No idea what happened to this car, just driving past and stopped to take some photos. Although I do find it strange just how far someone was able to drive it over soft sand.

300000This one is interesting because I wasn't planning for it. One day I got home, looked down and saw that the car's odometer was sitting on exactly 300,000km. Ran inside, grabbed camera and took a shot. The engine isn't on, that's why the battery and oil lights are on

Truck rolled overHad this poor truck beside me one day at the lights. Looks like the driver might have drifted off the left side of the road and rolled it over.

Leaning on a jib armA few years ago, I was involved in making a feature length film. I look a bit grumpy in this photo, can't remember why. I was probably tired at the time. I like this photo, though I still look undernourished and skinny.

Ready to roll cameraThis was in the kitchen (same apartment) during one of the shoots. That's me with the clapper board.

Cat sleepingThis is one of the first night shots that I took. I remember that it took several goes to get it right because the camera needs a minute or so to take the photo, and the cat kept moving.

Light graffitiThis is the way I do graffiti - with light! I "drew" my name on a desk in the park, and once I was finished, there was no trace other than this photo.

Drinking fountainThis photo was a bit of a cheat. The fountain was fairly dark, so I "painted" it with the light from my torch. This gave it the highlights and brought out the hidden details.

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