Ahh, my brief attempt at being a musician. I think all teenagers go through this phase at some stage. I had a website, a Youtube channel and "released" (read: posted on my website) three albums. It was mainly EDM (Electronic Dance Music) since I can't actually play any instruments or sing.

I produced three video clips which I posted on YouTube but I had footage for two more and wanted to do loads more. I really like producing video clips but don't really have the resources to do a decent job of it.

My favourite (and I think best produced) video is Jammin on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The other two videos, Svelte and Bag of Rocks are rather mediocre. But at least I tried.


TwaiP was a webcomic I had running for a few months. The name stood for "This week's adventure in Perth". The way it worked was that I would put up a week's strips and over the weekend I ran a poll on the forum so people could vote on what would happen next in the story.

I think the idea is sound, and people liked the premise but it is a very time critical project. The poll ended on Sunday nights and Monday's comic would have to be sketched, drawn, worded and uploaded by the Monday. Not to mention the storyline for the following week had to be ready. It was good fun and I wouldn't mind giving something similar another go someday, when I'm better (read: faster) at drawing.


At the end of 2005, held the Ten Lines Contest (TLC). A list of 30 lines were presented as part of the contest conditions and entrants needed to select ten of those lines to incorporate into their script.

For those that don't know, "brickfilm" is a short hand way of saying "stop motion animation made exclusively with LEGO® peices". There is a vibrant community dedicated to the hobby at (the original site, had a big falling out in the community a few years ago). It is primarily a young amatuer film makers hobby due to it's low entry barrier and use of toys.

I placed second in the contest. Considering that it was my first (and only) stop motion animation, I can't really complain about that result. The TLC was good fun and provided a nice challenge in the scriptwriting process. The ten lines that I chose are listed at the end credits. Watch Transaction (YouTube) now!