Several days with Que

Two weeks ago or so (at time of writing) I put up an ad online looking for someone who would be willing to let me photograph them on an irregular basis.

I was inundated with responses! Oh wait, no; I got one response. Luckily for me it turned out to be a good one. I met Que who is a lovely young lady who needed some photographs and was happy to let me photograph her.

Blue flowers

Under the bridge

The above photo is actually an underpass between two parks in Ellenbrook. I liked the colour and there are some holes in the middle leading up to the road which let this really nice coloumn of light in.



The above photo was taken at Whiteman park. Very quiet and relaxing place to wander around and relax in. The photo below was also taken at Whiteman.

The lake


One of the many lakes in the parklands nearby. It's actually a fairly narrow wooden walkway and I had to really lean back in order to get the right framing.

Not listening

Yes Mum, she's dressed. She's actually wearing the same top as in the next photo up with the lake in the background. It's just that her arms are covering the straps.

That photo was part of a series that I was trying to do (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) but I wasn't too happy with the final result. I'll be wanting to re-shoot that series at some stage.

At the beach

2015 note: I think I took these photos around 2010, somewhere around there, give or take a few years. I've since moved and didn't get a chance to do any more shoots with Que (she's changed her name since then) but I ended up selling my photography gear anyway.

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